COVID-19 Bible Study

We recognize that some may not be comfortable with an in person meeting of any kind.  We sympathize with this concern and we recognize that we cannot guarantee complete safety from COVID-19.  However, we also recognize that for some it is extremely hard and at times dangerous for their emotional well being to be isolated for such a long period of time.  We are seeking a compromise and we want everyone to be comfortable with their own decision.  We understand if you choose to stay at home, but we also want to give people who are hurting emotionally from the isolation a viable option for some human interaction and spiritual nourishment.

What is the COVID-19 Bible Study going to look like?

Health Precautions:

  1. Only 10 people will be allowed in the Fellowship Hall
  2. Each person will take their own temperature and answer health screening quesitons before entering the building or just after entering the building in case of poor weather.
  3. Tables will be set up with an appropriate social distancing of 10 feet between them.
  4. Only members of the same family will be able to sit at each table.
  5. All tables, chairs, and door handles will be cleaned with an appropriate cleaner at the end of the Bible Study

Bible Study Format:

  1. We will sing several songs together.
  2. Pastor will give a short encouraging scripture reading with explanation.
  3. Time will be given for people to share their blessings and burdens.

If you are comfortable with this set up, feel free to sign up for an appointment in our COVID-19 Bible Study.  If you are not comfortable with the format of this Bible Study feel free to continue hunkering down.  You will get no judgment from us.  God bless and stay safe!


In regards securing a seat for our Bible Study.  Please use the form below.  Each person will have to have a seat reserved for them to gain entrance for the Bible Study.  When you submit the form, you will be given the option to reserve another seat for a family member.  You can reserve as many seats as you need up to 8 for each day offered.